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O.L.C. exists in order to assist small and medium and big companies of our industry to achieve their goals. We are providing you with all possible tools and recourses giving you the possibility to promote your services and products to the O.L.C. global family members.
We assist you to START, GROW and MANAGE your business:
The O.L.C. meetings, seminars, business parties are bringing you together, educating, entertaining, motivating and guiding you on your way to success.
Our own web tools and software improves synergy thanks to a number of dedicated website registries, Associations, Networks and global Groups of the industry. This is offering you a bright, flexible platform to develop your business.
You will also be assisted by people who were pioneers in the Logistics. Using their experience, energy and innovative approaches for the daily improvement of the industry, we are offering you all possible assistance for developing your own business in the ever-evolving environment.
Just use your FINGERTIPS to take advantage...


Standard Company Info

Start with your Company information by filling out the fields which are necessary for your participation. It is important to know that this information will follow your publication and advertisements. Through our catalogue and our website we will make you well known in the rest of the world.

What way you choose?

You choose to participate as:
(Visitor / Booth holder ?.)

In any case…

The party takes place in a RELAXED, ENJOYABLE & DEDICATED environment. You may enjoy your coffee or tea with existing partners, your lunch snack with your Overseas Agents, your afternoon drink with NEW contacts...
You may be informed about NEW routes or services by Lines and/or NVOCC and go home after a full day of exchanging experiences, developing new partnerships, getting information helping you to bring your own business further 300-400 VISITORS, 40-50 BOOTHS at every OLC Party are guarantying an enjoyable and successful BUIZ PARTY.

As a O.L.C. Buiz Party VISITOR

You may attend the event ANY TIME, All Day, meet with friends you prearranged a meeting.
Enjoy the environment and discuss business development with them. You may visit the BOOTHS of the companies (Shipping Lines, NVOCC, Forwarders, Networks, Truckers, 3PL Co...) and be informed about their services/products.

Our Packages

Choose one of below:
- Participate as a OLC PARTY VISITOR
- Participate as a OLC Party BOOTH HOLDER
- to the OLC Party and the EBB/CGML China Annual Spring Global meeting as VIP visitor.
(FULL PACKAGE : 3 days : 1 day OLC Party + 2 days EBB/CGML Meeting.)

As a O.L.C. Buiz Party BOOTH HOLDER

You may invite all your partners and agents out of the country where the OLC Party takes place. You can also ask Overseas to visit your booth and have dedicated talks with them. You will be visited by ALL participants interested in your Port/City.

How To Participate

Rates and booking forms are part of the registration procedures.


If you fill up the detailed questioner about your activities, you allow OLC to publish more attractive details about your company in the OLC party CATALOGUE and the OLC website and also provide information to members looking for a specific partner with your range of activities by simply checking the OLC data base.
So just take some more minutes and full up through the OLC questioner * it’s to your advantage!


cooperating assotiations & Networks:
(Shenzhen Intl Freight Forwarders Association)
(Xiamen Intl Freight Forwarders Association)
(Turkish Intl Freight Forwarders Association)
EBB Transport Solutions & EBB ALLIANCE


150.000 invitations are sent out by a) OLC b) ASSOCIATIONS c) NETWORKS d) SPONSORS
ALL applications are evaluated by the OLC COMMITEE and max.400 visitors and 50 Boothholders are finaly accepted in each OLC Party, guaranrying this way a HIGH level participants standard.


As OLC is a club of local Associations and Big reputable well known Networks every applicant should attach to his application his membership certificate respectively
**Also other certificates like ISO should be attached

Payment Conditions

Every applicant will get after the evaluation of his application the relevant INVOICE. This Invoice is payable to our account in HKG and as soon founds received ( net/net = banking cost both ends for participants account ) the OLC secretariat/coordination centre will dispach per e-mail the relevant e-ticket.

We are here to help.

The Overseas Logistics Club is a non profit organization founded 2010 by worldwide National & Regional of International Forwarding and Logistics and 3PL Associations and networks/clubs with the scope to promote the communication and cooperation between the O.L.C. members and create business relations and new business opportunities. O.L.C. is cooperating closely with the relevant Associations, is organizing business parties, dedicated meetings, Seminars and Forums and is providing the O.L.C. members with high level consultancies in legal matters, technical issues and country related specialties.

O.L.C is counting a BIG number of members in following levels:

* Basic O.L.C. member

** Silver O.L.C. member

*** Gold O.L.C. member

**** Diamond O.L.C. member

***** Emerald O.L.C. member

Details about the O.L.C. member’s levels and the membership terms & conditions are given under the dedicated section of this Web Site.!!

99.99% of the OLC Party visitors are visiting EVERY party 1OLC is the 1st global organisor of ONE DAYs BUIZ PARTYs ( and the BEST:#1)
1010 years experience in MEETINGS & SEMINARS ORGANISATIONS 250 thousend250.000 registred companies of our industry
2 millionRegister Companies 400over 400 visitors at the 3rd O.L.C.buiz party in Shenzhen
30Last day of accepting APPLICATIONS is 30 days before the event. $0FREE participation of 1st participant per attending company coming fm the country the Party takes place
24/7/365Our customerservice offices in EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST and CHINA are 365 days a year 24h a day at your disposal

If the online presence of your business is important to you, then trust in the strength of our numbers.

Whether you have questions about how to get started, need support when you're stuck or want us to step in and just get it done, we're here for you. We can help, just call us any time on +86 754-8892 2646 for China & +30 210-9231205 for the rest of the world.

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1st booking Local OLC visitor fee (one person).
2nd Local OLC visitors fee per person USD 200

  • Find new partners/agents and meet the old agents
  • Expand your horizons visit the booths/stands check possibilities fm/to new locations.
  • Learn amore about your business
Our online registration makes your participation more easy and more efficient .

you may attend the event ANY TIME, meet with friends you prearranged a meeting (!) enjoy the environment together and discuss about buiz development with them, you may visit the BOOTHS of the companies holding a booth/stand ( Shipping Lines, NVOCC, FORWARDERS, NETWORKS, TRUCKERS,3PL Cos..etc.. ) and be informed about their services/products.

Our online registration makes your participation more easy and more efficient .

2 days: 1 day OLS + 1 day EBB/CGML/EML USD 700/person)

Get a big discount using our offers and come into a new world.

  • Visitors USD 700
  • Including attendance at the EBB/CGML/EML Meeting and the O.L.C. buiz party

Our levels of sponsoships meet all type of needs:
Emerald : Main sponsors sponsoring all Party's and Meetings for 4 YEARS
Diamond: Only sponsoring OLC buiz party's for one year ( X2)
Golden: Only sponsoring ONE event OVERSEAS or LOCAL
Silver: Only sponsoring ONE event (LOCAL)

  • Emerald Sponsor (to be negotiated case by case))
  • Diamond Sponsor (only USD 5000)
  • Golden Sponsor (only USD 3000)
  • Silver Sponsor (only USD 2000)